MIT's Student-Alumni Mentoring Program

An angel investor and professor of entrepreneurship, Jean-Jacques Degroof mentors young tech entrepreneurs and teaches innovation management and entrepreneurship at several European universities. Jean-Jacques Degroof holds a master of science and a PhD in management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Sloan School of Management, where he serves on its Student-Alumni Mentoring Program. 

The MIT Student-Alumni Mentoring Program pairs students with alumni in a wide variety of fields. Students and alumni upload LinkedIn information about their fields of study and career interests to create a unique user profile. Students use this information to request an alumni mentor, and mentors select a mentee whom they believe they can help the most. 

Through this program, students benefit from mentors’ knowledge and experience and learn about the challenges they may encounter after graduation. On the other hand, mentors benefit from relationships with students who are constantly exposed to innovative ideas at MIT. 

To inquire about becoming a mentor, send an e-mail to MIT’s Office of External Relations at